Windmill Veterinary Centre statement on booster vaccinations during COVID-19 crisis

Many of you will have seen some vets talking about starting to vaccinate pets again, this as we find ourselves approaching the peak of the COVID epidemic in the UK. It comes from updated BVA guidance published late last week. Since then though, the BVA has apologised for the language they used in this update and accepted that it is misleading. We, therefore, wanted to update you with our position on vaccinations.

We are still working hard to care for your sick and injured pets. We ask our staff to come into work (putting themselves at risk) so we can provide this vital service. Equally, the government is imploring the public to remain at home, to protect the NHS and save lives. We feel that it is too early in this crisis to put our team and our clients at risk by asking them to leave home, breaking social distancing rules, to attend the practice for a routine vaccine.  That said, we will continue to risk assess the need for vaccinations for some pets on a case by case basis.  It is vital to say that we would love to be vaccinating your pets and it is really important to do, but the majority of pets are at less risk of ill health than our family and loved ones by delaying their vaccine for just a few short weeks while we let the government and the NHS get on top of this crisis.

We will continue to keep you regularly updated, following government guidance, on the service level we can provide for you and your pets.

In the meantime, stay safe.