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Travel Sickness in Pets

For many cats and dogs a car journey is part of their lives at some stage.

This may involve a trip to the park, a day out, a holiday or visit to the vet or boarding kennels. Many dogs are happy to travel in cars whilst others exhibit anxiety and nausea.  Generally cats do not enjoy travelling and many resent the confinement to a basket.  Not all pets that suffer from car sickness are anxious and puppies tend to suffer with car sickness more than adult dogs which suggests that a number of them “grow out of” motion sickness. Download the PDF to read the full article…

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Blue-green algae/Cyanobacteria toxicity

There are more than 40 toxic species of blue-green algae. They are found in fresh, brackish and marine water sources and more than one species can exist in any location. When the weather is sunny, the water temperature warm and water nutrients are plentiful; the algae may form massive growths or blooms.

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