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The Retirement of Dr Jacqui Naysmith – Director

Dear All,


I joined the Windmill Vet Centre in 1995, firstly as an assistant and then Jane and I went into partnership in 2001.

As most of our clients will know, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2014.  The gruelling treatment regime took me off clinical duties but as this period coincided with the start of our planned extension and refurbishment of the practice, I took the opportunity to “head” up that side of the work.  I was ably assisted by all members of the practice and my husband Nick; whose day job is a Construction Contracts Manager and its been a great place to work in ever since.

2015 saw me back at work doing a job I love.  Helping you, my wonderful clients, with your wonderful pets, in a newly built practice and cancer-free!  Long may it have continued.

Sadly, March 2018 brought devastating news.  My Cancer had returned and in its most aggressive form.  After much soul searching of what was best for myself, my family, the practice and of course all my lovely clients plus their pets, I finally made the heart-breaking decision that it was time to finally hang up my stethoscope and concentrate on being a mum, wife and daughter.  My husband’s company have been wonderful, and he is working from home so we are together each day.  My daughter has now finished her first year at University, so she’s back home and you may yet see her behind the reception desk at Winslow doing the odd shift.  My son continues his studies at a very supportive school.

So if you do see me out and about enjoying our retirement, please say Hi!  There may be tears but I would love to get some tips on retirement after working all these years!

Thank you for all your help and custom for the last 23 years that I have been at the Windmill.

Very best wishes,

Dr Jacqui Naysmith  M.R.C.V.S  B.Vet.Med






Travel Sickness in Pets

For many cats and dogs a car journey is part of their lives at some stage.

This may involve a trip to the park, a day out, a holiday or visit to the vet or boarding kennels. Many dogs are happy to travel in cars whilst others exhibit anxiety and nausea.  Generally cats do not enjoy travelling and many resent the confinement to a basket.  Not all pets that suffer from car sickness are anxious and puppies tend to suffer with car sickness more than adult dogs which suggests that a number of them “grow out of” motion sickness. Download the PDF to read the full article…

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