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Pet Travel & Brexit

It is hoped that the Brexit negotiations will lead to a similar agreement to that currently in use, but this knowledge may not be available to vets and their clients, via APHA, until nearer to the end of November (if then!).  We have been advised therefore to alert Pet Passport holders and those wishing to travel abroad with their pet’s to this “Worst Case Scenario” to enable them to ensure that they can travel, whatever sort of Brexit comes about, or if they wish to “wait and see”, accepting that they may have to leave the pet behind, if there is insufficient time to jump through all the hoops.

We shall be writing to clients (if GDPR preferences allow this) to inform them of these changes, but have prepared this Q & A sheet which may help answer any queries.

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It is with enormous sadness that we announce that Jacqui passed away this week after a battle with cancer, so very bravely and fiercely fought.

Our thoughts go out to her family, friends, staff and clients who have worked with her and known her for so many years.


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