Castrating your Cat

Most cats are neutered at 6 months of age; before they have reached maturity. Read on for advice on castrating your cat...

This is to avoid unwanted pregnancies and behavioural problems which can arise if the operation is left until the cat is older. Castration helps to remove the “male cat” behaviours of straying, spraying (urine marking, with rather smelly urine!) and fighting, with all the additional problems of abscesses, infections such as FIV and road traffic accidents.

The cat should become a pleasant and relaxed member of the family – although character will remain and the operation will not turn a feisty or frightened cat into a lap cat. The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic at the Winslow surgery.  Your cat will be given pain relief injections before the operation to help control any discomfort and there are usually no sutures.