Pesky Parasites


Prevention is much, much easier than cure where fleas are concerned. The flea you see is truly the tip of the iceberg (you should see what’s lurking in your house in the form of eggs, larvae and pupae!) Our recommendation is to treat pets regularly with a suitable and effective veterinary product.  Our qualified staff will be able to advise you.


Never pull off a tick; you may leave its head under the skin, which could cause an infection.  Kill it quickly, preferably by direct application of a suitable veterinary product or cotton wool soaked with same.  It will wither and drop off after a couple of days, or very gently tease it out with a tick remover.  Contact the practice for further advice.


Hopefully your puppy will have received at least one worming treatment from the breeder and it should continue to be treated monthly until at least two years of age in respect of providing lung worm cover.  Thereafter, for the health of the dog and members of the family, your dog should receive routine worming treatments; the frequency of which will depend on his or her lifestyle, whether it scavenges, and if you have young children in the family etc.  Use ParassessTM, a parasite risk checker to get a personalised report for your dog, then share it with us for the best parasite control advice.  The link to Parassess can be found here.

Kittens should be wormed monthly until approximately six months of age and thereafter the frequency of which will depend on their lifestyle.

Our qualified staff will be happy to advise you of the best treatment for your pet.