Diagnostic Equipment

Our facilities including x-ray, ultrasound and endoscopy. These are all non-invasive procedures to help with diagnosis.


At Windmill Veterinary Centre, we have highly skilled veterinary surgeons using state of the art technology.  We use digital radiograph equipment, which allows us to gain much more information from the process of x-raying, with the added ability to view the pictures in each of our consulting rooms, enabling us to demonstrate our findings to owners.

Both x-rays and ultrasound allow us to visualise the internal structures of the body. They work in different ways with both preferring different tissues. For example, an x-ray of the chest will give us good imagery of the appearance of the lungs and the size of the heart. However, ultrasound cannot image the lungs as they have air in them but is extremely useful to image the internal structure and workings of the heart.

We have a rigid endoscope, the main purpose of endoscopy is the remove foreign bodies and to obtain samples for testing.

Our blood analysing machines have all been recently upgraded. Our new machines offer revolutionary technology to provide reference laboratory-quality results in-house.