Pre-Op Information

This page answers some of the questions owners commonly ask about their pet's anaesthetic and operation, but we will be pleased to answer any concerns you may have regarding your pet’s procedure which have not been covered.

When to come in

Please arrive at the Winslow surgery between 8.30 and 9.30am on the morning of the operation. Pets who have not been seen by a veterinary surgeon in the previous two weeks will have an appointment prior to admittance. Please allow time for this to take place, it is important for your pet’s health.  We may be able to board cats overnight before an operation, at no extra charge, but this needs to be arranged with the nursing team.   A consent form will need to be completed and signed by you.  One question that will be asked is about pre-operative blood tests, which are particularly advised for all older pets and where there are health concerns.

Food and water

In general, your pet should not be fed prior to the operation, unless otherwise directed.

In order to minimise the risk of vomiting during anaesthesia your pet must have an empty stomach, so please remove their food from 9pm the previous evening. Please note that this does not apply to rabbits and rodents, which can be fed as normal.

Water may be allowed until 7.00am on the morning they are due to come in to the surgery, but please do not give them any milk.

When you collect your pet a special recovery diet will be offered. This diet contains all the necessary nutrients to promote a speedy recovery.

Contact number

Please be prepared to leave a telephone number where we can reach someone at all times, as we may need to contact you during the procedure.

When to phone

Most work involving anaesthesia is performed in the morning, so your pet should be recovering nicely by 2pm. We aim to telephone you between 12 noon & 1pm and we aim to discharge pets between 3pm & 6pm.

Additional procedures

If there is anything else you would like us to look at whilst your pet is with us, please mention it when they are left in the morning.  This is usually possible as long as there is no conflict with the main procedure and, more importantly, if it does not unduly prolong their anaesthetic.

Please remember that all operations are undertaken at our Winslow surgery.